Installation on migration and refugees at this year's India Art Fair

Migration & Asylum Project
07.12.17 06:25 PM Comment(s)

An installation on migration and refugees by Sudipta Das caught our eye at this year's India Art Fair!

Born in Assam and a fourth-generation migrant from Bangladesh, Sudipta Das grew up thinking about displacement. Her father often talked about the tribulations and periods of subsequent migration during the Bengal partition which has perennially shaped her as an artist.

Her installation is made up of unnamed paper refugees suspended in air and animation, seeking direction but with nowhere to go. Sudipta Das' work acknowledges those who fall through the cracks between political borders. She hopes that her artwork will help audiences empathise with those caught in the crosshairs of violent politics, searching for refuge, soaring to nowhere.

- by Tanya Gupta and Kalyani Nedungadi

Photo Credit: Kalyani Nedungadi